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About Me July 9, 2010

So about me…I am new to all this spanking stuff actually. I was in hiding for about a year. I never told anyone. I actually have one friend that knows about D and who he really is and what he does and shes the only one i c ould ever tell as to, she is the only one who’d understand and wouldn’t think I’m totally loony or be afraid of D. I do not want my friends to fear D because of what he does, and most of my friends, well all but that one, would deffinitly not understand.It has helped alot to have her know and stuff. To share stories of what goes on and to just have her there to listen. I’m glad I can be me around her and not hide it.

…sooooooooo, any who back to my story….

 I spent a lot of time just reading articles about DD marriages and relationships, which I found that I am addicted to. It was all  until recently when I finally got the courage too go on an online spanking website and see what I found there. Well, I found three people at first. Two of them were just internet “pretend” stuff, just me considering the idea, not actually putting it into play and just having someone holding me accountable as to, I was getting very slack  in my studies.

I would have never considered meeting anyone. Then in April, to my surprise, I met a friend (D) on the website who was actually in my state. He had just moved here to!  It was very quick because in a weeks’ time he was the one who “took me in hand”.

Okay so, though he is known now as my disciplinarian, he is also a great friend.   April third is when we first started talking .April 14 was when we met and that was the day I got my first spanking ever.

 It was more of an introductory spanking then anything, but things like that will always get my attention. (yeah i’m the kind that if you as so much look at me in an your in trouble look, I will sink in my seat, much less bring out the belt, which he did. ..

I am still making sense of all this. I am embarrassed of the fact that I actually like it or even sought out for it. What 19 year old girl, experiencing the college life, would ever go out and ask for someone to look out for her and turn her over the knee when she’s venturing into the wrong.

I am a bubbly, stubborn to the core, curious, headstrong and determined young lady. When growing up, I actually did not really have rules. I am kid hearted and I love to laugh and listen to loud music. My main focus is school and always has been. I am living the dream of being in college and making a living for myself. That is what is important to me because I do not want to be like my parents, so I sought out for a person to make sure I didn’t and if it means to be bent over his knee when I mess up, then so be it. 

This man I met, came as my disciplinarian and became much more…A friend, a helping hand…A guardian angel.  I have gotten closer to  him then I thought I would and he has really changed my life.  I look up to him and respect him so much. I could not imagine life without him now. He is such a gentleman and very fair. He puts up with me and has led me to right since April. There is a reason he is in my life and I know he is suppose to be here. I would not give it up for anything, even if I tend to get my a** blistered every once in a while.

************So, I created this profile because I am addicted to reading stories about dd and seeing how wives live a dd life. It interest me and I think, maybe one day, it will be me. It feels right for some reason. I feel like it will handle so much tension between couples and build better and stronger bonds between them. It also helps, well for me it will, to have a little reassurance .I am embarrassed too tell anyone about it so I came here looking for others that live it as apart of their life. Yes, I definitely know I can always go to my friend (we will be calling him D from now on), but sometimes I wish to have some girl talk about it, so I was hoping I’d find that here.


Remember we will be referring to my friend as D and Me= Chrissy, because that is the name I told him when we first started writing each other.


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  1. Click on the links at the top(there pages to what actually goes on)

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