confessions of A spanked college girl

About Me July 9, 2010


Hi! I am back….7 years later!!! Sorry it took so long. I am keeping the stuff down below as a reminder of who I was, but that was college me. I have now graduated(yes I made it through) thanks to the help of a few disciplinarians and friends. I have moved around a lot. I never stay in one place too long it seems. I guess I am sort of repeating my childhood. I got into more things then discipline. I started finding my way as a submissive and the BDSM world. I learned that I liked people to take control, I like to be tied up, flogged ( the thuddy kind not stingy) it feels like a massage. I liked the confinement of the dungeons’ birdcage (humansize of course) it made me feel protected, secure. I like being dressed up like a Barbie in corsets or what ever. At the moment, I am figuring my way through a vanilla relationship, mybold desires and cravings now seeping out like a sore wound…….
7 years ago…..
I am new to all this spanking stuff actually. I was in hiding for a bout a year until this April when I met a friend who took me in hand. April 14 was my first spanking ever and it even ended with the dreaded belt(ten swats). It was more of an introductory spanking then anything but things like that will always get my attention. I am still making sense of all this. I am embarrased of the fact that I actually like it or even sought it out. What 19 year old girl would ever ask for someone to look out for her and turn her over his knee when shes venturing into the wrong.
I am a bubbly, stubborn to the core, curious, headstrong and determined younglady. I am kid hearted and I love to laugh and listen to loud music. My main focus is school and always has been. I am living the dream of being in college and making a living for myself. That is what is important to me because I do not want to be like my parents, so I sought out a person to make sure I didn’t and if it means to be bent over his knee when I mess up, then so be it. This man I call my disciplinarian but more so now my friend. I look up to him and respect him so much. I could not imagine life without him now. He is such a gentalmen and very fair. He puts up with me and has led me to right since april. There is a reason he is in my life and I know he is suppose to be here. I created this profile because I am adicted to reading stories about dd and seeing how wives live a dd life. It interests me and I think, maybe one day, that will be me. Also, its embarrasing to tell anyone about it so advice and information on the subject is rare for me and sometimes I wish to have a little girl talk about it, so I was hoping I’d find that here. I need advice and anything honestly on this. someone to talk to on here to share ideas and life in general about dd. Please feel free to comment me or message. I love the conversation. Also, I never know what to write, so if you would like, give me topics to write about and that can be my blog posts for the days to come. 🙂

***********So, I created this profile because I am addicted to reading stories about dd and seeing how wives live a dd life. It interest me and I think, maybe one day, it will be me. It feels right for some reason. I feel like it will handle so much tension between couples and build better and stronger bonds between them. It also helps, well for me it will, to have a little reassurance .I am embarrassed too tell anyone about it so I came here looking for others that live it as apart of their life. 


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  1. Spot on with this write-up, I seriously believe that this site needs far more attention. I’ll probably
    be returning to read more, thanks for the info!

  2. Click on the links at the top(there pages to what actually goes on)

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