confessions of A spanked college girl

Hello blog world December 11, 2010

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The semester is pretty much over just one more exam to go so I figured I’d show my MIA self and give an update. There really isn’t much to say. D is gone.  He left like almost two months ago, tho he is still with me in heart. As cheesy as that sounds. ha. I Believe that since he is gone I have gotten myself in much more trouble then I intend to. I do not do it on purpose, I just test him to much. To see if hes there and what he’s gonna let go and what he won’t. I have been a stubborn brat and very defiant this semester and I do want to apologize to D for that. I will totally make up for it this next semester. I will learn to take better care of myself which is all he asks. It’s what I do. When someone I care about leaves, I get quiet, I don’t let anything out, I hold it in and eventually get over it. I’m use to that honestly but with D, It was different. I got upset, I went and shopped and spent money I shouldn’t to satisfy my self and make me happy, but that didn’t work because in the end new clothes and coffee isn’t going to make him come back. So then i just started acting out, and being a child trying to get attention. It wasn’t intentional, it just happens. Its just that I miss him a lot now and my behavior is showing it.  He has me on a budget now. I asked for help with my money struggles and yet I am still struggling because there is just so much out there these days and coffee is just so expensive and its Christmas and yeah. Being a college student gets expensive. ha. I can’t really say that I’m doing really well with my budget but at least I’m more alert when I go to spend something. So it sorta helps. 🙂 Well merry almost christmas to yall.



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